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Our mobile computer repair service started back in 2003 when we closed our computer shop in Cathcart Road, Glasgow.

Shopkeeping was a real bind and the rates were getting silly. Initially just serving the Glasgow City area we have gradually expanded to cover a much wider area.

Although primarily a mobile service, we do still have a workshop facility, so if backing up and disinfecting your machine might take 6+ hours you have no need to worry about having a geek stuck in your living room/office drinking all your coffee and emptying the biscuit tin.

We'll simply bring it back the next day!

We provide a very special service in that if you've used us once, for anything, you can then get free e-mail/phone support at no charge! On many occasions this can save a call-out and is handy for general stuff as well as problem solving.



This map shows our main call-out area.

The Islands. We do go out to Bute, Cumbrae and Arran sometimes, but it is only cost-effective if we can do enough work to cover the ferry and accommodation costs. Round up a few friends whose machines also need sorting out and it becomes cost-effective.

call-out area for Lapis IT


Virus/Malware removals, file system overhauls, upgrades, custom desktop systems, networking, security testing, data transfers...etc.

A detailed list of our services can be found on our desktop site.


Web hosting and design services:

We can register your domain names, design your website and provide web hosting. If you already have a website but it needs fixing or bringing up to date then get in touch. We'll provide a free, no obligation, report and quote after looking at your site.

Critical Java update - Jan 14th

Java - the Swiss Cheese of the interwebs

Tuesday 14th of January Will keep most Windows PC owners busy. This is not only the day that both Microsoft and Adobe release some way overdue security updates but Oracle are to fix holes in a massive number of their products, most importantly Java.

The current version of Java can allow a computer to be controlled, remotely, by a simple piece of drive-by malware.

If you feel unsure about running Java updates then uninstall Java from your computer or, at the very least, disable it on your browser.

Don't miss this one out!

Most machines I see are a few Java versions behind as people feel unsure about updating it. Java, like Flash and your web browsers, must always be updated.

You just need to be sure that the update you're getting is the 'good' one!

Give us a call/email and we'll arrange to do a complete security check on your machine and to show you how to do all the updates safely.

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Please click on the number below to call/text or go here to send us an email.

call/text: 07947 113038
(withheld numbers not answered)


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